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    Protein Packed Mini Smoothies

    Protein Packed Mini Smoothies

    A vitamin-packed smoothie is a great way to start the day it also works great as the perfect afternoon booster, for when you need some energy to finish the day. Smoothies are also very fun and easy to make, the sky’s the limit when it comes to smoothies combinations.

    This is why we brought you 3 delicious combinations to choose from! Which one would you choose? Passionfruit, Strawberry or Blueberry! Never mind, take all three! Craving something sweet? Reach for a mini smoothie. More nutritious as well as delicious! Choose plant-source, choose living superfoods....results....new energy...your body will thank you


    From left to right:

    🌱Passion fruit, frozen banana, blue spirulina, almond milk, passionfruit, superfood powder from Sun Pyramid Health, collagen.

    🌱Frozen strawberries, frozen dragon fruit, frozen banana, almond milk, Superfood powder from Sun Pyramid Health, Maca powder, Ashwagandha powder, flax oil blend 

    🌱Frozen blueberries, frozen banana, almond milk and protein powder from powder from Sun Pyramid Health!

    As always just mix the ingredients together in a high-speed blender until smooth!

    Let us know in the comments which one you liked better