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    Vegan Gourmet Pupusas

    Vegan Gourmet Pupusas

    Have you ever tried Pupusas? They're this delicious traditional Salvadoran dish that consists on a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling.

    Seriously though, we love it when we find a way to veganize or "Superfood" amazing exotic food recipes like these, don't you? We also love it when we meet people who share our passion for health and cooking, and we can collaborate with them!

    We came up with this Vegan-gourmet Wheatgrass Pupusas recipe we'd like to share with you. Give them a try, you won't regret it!


    🍅 Corn flour
    🍅 1 tbs of Sun Pyramid Health's wheatgrass powder
    🍅 Sautéed kale and garlic
    🍅 Caramelized onions
    🍅 Tomato slices (for Pico de gallo)
    🍅 Red onions


    🍅 Use the corn flour & water for the dough (make sure it has a "play doh" like consistency)
    🍅 Add the wheatgrass and mix with your hands
    🍅 Form balls with the dough and using your thumb make a whole and shape it into small cup
    🍅 Fill your dough cups with the kale, onions, and beans
    🍅 Seal and cook each side for five minutes on a griddle
    🍅 Serve with pico de gallo or cabbage salad.




    Recipe by:

    Sun Pyramid Health Ambassador

    La Nica Healthy