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    Recipes — bananas

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    Unicorn Smoothie with Nice Cream

    Unicorn Smoothie with Nice Cream

    The unicorn trend is everywhere nowadays. In our clothes, hair, accessories and now even in our food! We didn't want to fall behind that's why we brought this delicious and easy recipe for you to try. It is vegan of course and extremely healthy. As always this smoothie is very easy to make, filled with vitamins and nutrients and super yummy. 



    🌱1/2 Dragon fruit.
    🌱2 Frozen bananas.

    🌱2 Tbsp Sun Pyramid's Chia Seeds.
    🌱1/2 cup coconut milk.
    🌱1 tsp Xylitol.

    🌱2 frozen bananas.
    🌱1 tsp Sun Pyramid's Wheatgrass Powder
    🌱1/4 Tsp blue majik.

    Blend each layer separately. Let chia seeds sit in milk overnight in the refrigerator.

    Topped with hemp seed hearts for a little crunch


    Recipe by: 

    Sun Pyramid Health Ambassador 

    Violet Simpson